I was back at one of favourite venues Barn on The Bay, I am starting to feel at home there. I was lucky enough to do Kia and Mats engagement photographs, it was lovely getting to know them as we sat and had a cheeky drink on the beach- this is the life! These two have so much energy, I think they need it being doctors in the NHS. WE managed to capture some lovely sunset pictures on the beach which made me incredibly happy! Due to covid it was the first time I had had my camera out in a while and I had certainly missed it. It was nice to have some images to edit after having nothing for so long.

      I arrived at Poppy cottage as Kaia and her sister were getting ready, it was a lovely atmosphere especially with her very cute niece entertaining us all. The weather wasn’t great, but hey we are British. We are used to it! Kaia had opted to arrive in a tracker with hay bails which was a very sweet touch, with lots of umbrellas for everyone it worked well!

      Due to the weather they had the ceremony inside the barn, which was brilliant, it is such a light and airy space that it works well. Moira, the amazing florist who I always work with at Barn on The bay made a stunning arch which looked great for the ceremony.
      The ceremony was a blessing as they had tied the knot the day before, it was the perfect ceremony!

      very personal and I loved the traditional techniques of binding their hands together and they also jumped over the boom.

      I think the tradition is who ever jumps the highest is the boss. Kaia won!

      The speeches at this wedding were something else, loads of banging on the tables and clapping which really got the atmosphere going! Kaia’s dad did part of his speech in Viking! Well thats a first for me at at a wedding! It was amazing and got everyone into the spirit.

      WE never made it to the beach for pictures, as it was very misty and you wouldn’t be able to see the sea. The mist did make for very atmospheric pictures on the sand dunes, I loved them! Later in the evening we embraced the rain and took a dramatic picture. I swear no one got wet, just my flash gun! You have nothing to worry about if the weather isn’t great for your wedding at Barn on The bay.


      There is so much space inside Barn on The Bay,  you can embrace the rain for your photographs.

      Congratulations Kaia and Matt.