Cathy & Rob Barn Wedding

      I was back at what feels like home, Barn On The bay.

      I am always so inspired when I come to this venue. It really is an amazing venue for a barn Wedding.  Barn On The Bay is a dream for a photographer. You can never get bored of it as the landscape changes with the changing seasons.

      I met Cathy at her parents house, and what a house it is! None the less, love old buildings and this one was filled with character and charm. I was immediately taken by the big stained glass window.  The dress had to be photographed against it. How was I was going to get the dress up there?  Somehow I managed! I spotted lots of details to incorporate into the pictures, such as Cathy’s shoes had a really cool pattern on the back of the heel. The pattern was very similar to a rug in the house.

      The shoes photographed well against the rug, Cathy hadn’t even noticed and probably had sub-consciously picked them because it reminded her of home. Maybe I watch too much Darren Brown, who knows!

      Furthermore, managed to take advantage of the large bay window for some portraits you cant beat a bit of window light. Cathy had opted for a very elegant wedding dress that was so spring like, it was a light fabric and had a cute lace detail top that you put on over the dress. She looked amazing in it. It was very Cathy! I love a Barn Wedding

      Firstly, it was a crisp Spring day and we were lucky enough to have the ceremony on the sand dunes over looking the sea. The views are magical, it really is the perfect spot to say I do.

      Cathy walked down the aisle surrounded by yellow wellies filled with spring flowers!

      They looked great! There was an archway at the top of the aisle decorated with spring flowers that added to the atmosphere.  After a moving ceremony  at Barn On The Bay, we walked back to the barn ready for some confetti photographs.  I have never seen the weather change so quickly! The guests were ready for the confetti, and then as if out of nowhere a cloud appeared overhead. I sheepishly looked at the guests wondering if we should abandon and do it later, but everyone seemed keen to keep going. Just as Cathy and Rob stepped out the heavens opened and we got some hail, even though it was also sunny! British weather! The guests were fantastic and just carried on.

      I was so pleased with the pictures, Cathy and Rob are beautifully back lit from the sun, which then lit up the falling hail which looks like confetti. It really was a magical moment that I won’t ever forget. Everyone then quickly ran under shelter and the hail stopped as quickly as it had came.

      The barn looked amazing, as always with twinkly lights and fresh spring flowers it looked perfect! I was very lucky as that night we had an epic sunset! Cathy and Rob went for a little walk along the sand dunes to admire the spectacular views and we captured these moments for them.

      It was a beautiful wedding and I loved being part of it. Congratulations Cathy and Rob on their perfect Barn Wedding.

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