Dave and Niamh’s choice of the Barn on the Bay, next to Northumberland’s beautiful Druridge Bay, perfect for a beach wedding.  Northeast England wedding photography by Forget Me Knot Images

      I have known Niamh for quite a few years now, working with her at Longbenton School, so it was an honour to photograph her wedding. Niamh and Dave are such a fun couple, whenever we meet up we always play silly games, and I usually end up drinking too much wine. So I know the wedding would be a fun packed affair.

      Fun was the order of the day, and the rule book thrown out of the window. It is definitely the first time I’ve seen a unicycle at a wedding!

      Niamh stayed at a nearby cottage, literally just around the corner, it was the perfect place to get ready. Lots of room which meant plenty of friends and family kept popping in. Having all of her friends and family stay the night before on the campsite meant that everyone had a chance to get to know each other before the wedding day. Consequently, there was a lovely warm atmosphere.

      If you are after a rustic barn wedding then I would highly recommend The Barn On The Bay.

       The staff were very organised and would bend over backwards to help you. The owner even let me pop into her garden to hang up Niamh’s dress for a picture. The barn is huge but separated into different areas so it doesn’t feel too vast. It has a cosy atmosphere with twinkly lights and blankets. I love Barn On The Bay mainly because of its location, a 2-minute walk and you are at the breathtaking beach. With white sands and long green reeds, perfect for wedding photography. Then a two minute drive up the road and there are the lovely wheat fields and a woodland area, again perfect for pictures.

      You can opt to have your ceremony outside with stunning views of the beach,

      However on Niamh and Dave’s wedding day, it started raining about 9.00am and, well it didn’t stop. But that wasn’t an issue we just stayed inside the barn where it was lovely and warm and cosey. We did venture to the beach for a few pictures later on. It was certainly a unique wedding.

      The ceremony was certainly very unique and there was a huge surprise in store.

      Niamh and Dave had discussed at length if Niamh should take Dave’s surname, but they struggled to decide. Dave came up with a very unique idea. During the wedding vows, Dave turned to his friends and family and declared that they would toss a coin to decide. Heads for Stack (Niamhs surname) or tails for Burne (Dave’s surname) If it landed on Heads, Dave would take Stack as his surname.

      The atmosphere was electric as everyone gasped and gigged in complete surprise and anticipation.

       After the count of 3, the coin was tossed into the air….. It was Heads, Dave is now a Stack! Everyone literally screamed and cheered as Dave ran about hugging pretty much everyone. It was quite an unforgettable moment.

      Niamh looked stunning in her lace dress, it had a vintage feel to it and suited her perfectly. She teamed her stunning dress with some bright bold sunflowers in a bouquet, which matches her personality for this beach wedding.

      Niamh and Dave are nuts about kayaking, you could see this throughout their wedding, with Kayaks scattered around the venue, used as seats. Who would have thought that kayak paddles would create such an effective archway to walk down for the confetti photographs.

      I also loved the picnic baskets that they provided to their guests, such a unique wedding idea. Each basket contained sandwiches, and other goodies, which seemed to go down a treat.

      After eating everyone settled down to listen to the speeches, what can I say?

      I had to stop myself laughing so that I could actually take some pictures at this beach wedding.

      Dave’s best man had some very embarrassing stories to tell about Dave at this beach wedding. His timing was perfect and I don’t think Dave will ever live this down. Hiding underneath his blanket couldn’t protect him from the hilarious but very embarrassing stories that unfolded.

      Soon the band were in full swing and evident from the lengthy congas. The dance floor was jumping late into the night. Dave and Niamh’s crowd surfing was another first for me, great fun!!

       A huge thank you to The Stacks for making me part of this crazy beach wedding. Much love, Lindsey x Wedding Photographer Northeast England, Northumberland. Wedding Photographs

      Hair and Makeup- Maximillion Makeup & Hair

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      Wedding Flowers- Wedding Flowers Edinburgh

      Venue- Barn On The bay

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