Beamish Hall Wedding.

      What a fantastic wedding for Jessica and Ians wedding. I just loved her dress! I did spend some time trying to remove pink cider of it. We did manage to get rid of the spill, all in a days work.

      It was lovely getting ready with Jessicas children, they were so excited for the wedding!

      Beamish Hall is such a fantastic location for a wedding, it has 2 huge rooms all nice and light and airy ideal for a photographer. As well as stunning grounds with beautiful flowers and a very odd looking tree that I love, its great for pictures and using the branches to frame the couple.

      I also had fun using taking photographs on the swing, we had lost the sun at this point so I decided to fake it. Luckily Greta was on hand to hold up my light which acts as sunlight.

      Later on we also had fun doing the sparkler pictures and not forgetting some pictures with the groomsmen who were quite merry at this point. Makes it more fun to photograph them! Loved photographing Beamish Hall Wedding!