This was my first time at Beamish Hall and it is incredible! This wedding had it all! It was an honour to be asked to photograph Emma and Steve weddings. It was a long time coming, thanks covid, but worth the wait.
      I actually met Emma when she volunteered to help me photograph Dave and Niamh’s wedding a few years back. She is very keen on photography and really enjoyed helping me capture the wedding. It was lovely working with her and we stayed in contact.

      I arrived at the bridal suite over looking the grounds of Beamish hall. The trees had turned a perfect shade of orange and the sun was peaking through the clouds. I love Autumn! I managed to capture a sneaky peak at Emma’s dress, it was stunning. Classic style with a bow which really set it off. It had Emma’s name written all over it! However the dress had a hidden secret that I am sure every woman would want. It has pockets! Every lady needs good pockets and this dress had it.

      Meanwhile my assistant photographer was keeping busy photographing the building and the groomsmen. She had a lot to photograph it is a large building and Emma and Steve had booked the whole buildings, all 3 large rooms for their wedding.I could see my assistant on the lawn outside looking very happy photographing the building.

      Emma was very calm, surprisingly calm, considering how long she had waited for this day to come. Nothing seemed to phase her.

      The ceremony was a stunning room with large bay windows, stunning cornicing and large chandeliers, it is a very elegant room, so light and airy. The ceremony was perfect and I may have had a little lump in my throat.

      After the ceremony the sun decided to make an appearance at Beamish Hall, which back lit the confetti and looked great in the pictures. I did some formal pictures around the corner in the shade underneath some beautiful autumn trees. Finally I was able to have a laugh with the bridesmaids as we skipped down the road waving their bouquets, they were so much fun and kept Emma laughing.

      The light was scattering through the trees and the videographer was getting more excited than me about the beautiful light at Beamish hall!

      Emma and Steve had a little stroll around the grounds and even did a little practise of their first dance. It was all very romantic with the beautiful sunlight back lighting them and the incredible venue in the background.

      Soon it was time for the wedding reception. I felt very spoilt as I was sat at the table as a guest. The food was excellent, very tasty! Emma had bought little favours for the births heart foundation which I thought was a lovely touch. Guests names had also been cut out of wood, which looked great! As the desserts started to arrive, I knew the little secret, that something was about to unfold. It was hard to keep the secret from my friends around the table. But I kept quiet.

      There was an awful thud as a waiter fell over dropping all of his plates. A lady tried to help him up. Then suddenly- he broke into song. They were absolutely brilliant. The Silver Service Singers really got the atmosphere going in the room. They had everyone up on their feet and singing along. Then before you knew it, everyone was doing the conga and Emma’s grandma was really getting into it! Napkins were waved around and I captured so many pictures as everyone was so expressive. I would recommend these guys!

      To end the night we had to finish with some sparklers! The videographer was brilliant, he set up his lights so I didn’t have to set anything up! Normally I spend a while setting up off camera flash, but I didn’t have too! I can’t recommend Top Table films enough! he was fun to be around and clearly knows his stuff! We worked together well as a team and hopefully will work with top table films again.