Black Horse Beamish Wedding

      It was an honour to be asked to photograph Stacy and Russell’s wedding at The Black Horse beamish, the perfect wedding venue. Set in the rural countryside we enjoyed the drive to the venue. We met Stacy and her bridesmaids in a spacious cottage just outside of the venue. It was bright and airy with plenty of space for Stacy and her tribe of bridesmaids, hairdressers and makeup artists.

      I love the huge chandelier in the kitchen which is a perfect backdrop for your bridesmaids photographs. This Beamish Wedding had a lively atmosphere when I arrived. The prosecco was free flowing and I was very impressed with the eyelashes that Micheala Robinson used. Apparently it is her own invention. I was very intrigued as they went on quickly and looked the business.

      Hotel Wedding Beamish

      Stacy’s dress was beautiful. It was lace with some pretty beading which she paired with some sparkly blue shoes. I love this idea as it means you can wear them again! The flowers from Sprig & Thistle were very pretty. With pink roses and lots of foliage. The bridesmaids wore long floaty dark red dresses. They looked fantastic with the flowers at this Beamish Wedding.

      The ceremony was in a room upstairs which certainly had the wow factor. It is such a fantastic wedding venue.


      This Black horse beamish Wedding venue has stone walls and beams. It certainly has atmosphere. Foliage is wrapped all around the beams which help intensify the barn atmosphere.  After the ceremony we were able to go out into the huge garden. It has picnic tables and hanging baskets, it is a lovely space.

      Do you want an even bigger wedding? You can opt to have your wedding in the large marque outside. If you want a more small and cosy wedding? The room upstairs is perfect. Just a few wedding ideas.

      We had fun doing the group pictures at the front of the building. I made sure the sun was behind everyone and managed to find an area in the shade. No one was squinting!

      It was a photographers dream to take the bridesmaids to the lavender fields. It is a 1- minute walk away. Lavender stretches out in long rows on a hill right next to the building. You just want to skip in the lavender, it is so pretty. Or that could just be me. On a sunny day it looks incredible. You can smell lavender and Stacy’s bridesmaids were very natural in front of the camera. Laughing and joking around made for some lovely pictures.

      Stacy decorated the room with gold tea lights and lanterns. Sshe added some pretty pink roses inside some of the tea light holders. Twinkly fairy lights completed the look, which worked a treat.

      Evening Couple portraits.

      For summer weddings it seems to work well having your portraits taken after you have eaten. Why you might be thinking? Well this is because the light is much softer later in the day. If you time the session right, you can have your pictures taken about 45 minutes before sunset. This gives you beautiful golden light.

      Stacy decided that she wanted some pictures taken in a woodland setting. Before the wedding I had a drive round and I found the perfect spot. It was only a 5 minute drive away. I calculated what time the sun would be at the perfect position and we managed to get there on time.

      The lavender fields were the perfect spot for the sunset pictures. It was truly beautiful spot. Stacy and Russell are clearly very much in love and they enjoyed the sunset. We captured some relaxed images of them which I am very proud of.

      The party continued into the night as everyone hit the dance floor. Soon it was time to say goodnight after having a cheeky bit of cake. If you are after a country wedding and you love lavender, this is definitely the venue for you.

      Makeup- Micheala Robinson
      Hair- Francesca’s Unleashed, Inc.
      Flowers- Sprig & Thistle
      Groomsmen’s Attire- Slater Menswear
      DJ- Mark Young