The Black Horse Beamish really does have everything for the perfect wedding. I can not get enough of the lavender fields. It makes me want to move to the Country, buy a tracker and have lavender fields. I was lucky enough to be back at this fantastic venue for Ruth and Warren’s wedding. The nicest couple, who also have a little boy, a bit older than my James. As he ran around being super cute, made me think I have all this to come as James isn’t walking…yet!

      I went to Ruth’s house for the bridal preparations, what a stunning home! It was lovely seeing lots of family photographs all over the house, showed how much they valued photography! She quickly told me that they had designated a space for the soon to be wedding photographs. Which is lovely!

      It was a nice relaxed atmosphere at the house, which was beautifully decorated, they even had put some balloons up which looked fantastic.

      I decided that photographing the bouquet outside underneath a tree by the bus stop would be a brilliant idea.

      The lady at the bus stop was giving me a few strange looks, but hey the pictures looked great!

      Meanwhile Gretawas at the venue photographing the ceremony room and the groomsmen. What a ceremony room.

      In a beautiful white marquee surrounded by fields and woodlands, not forgetting my favourite lavender fields at the Black Horse Beamish

      The huge marquee also has big bold chandeliers, you actually forget you are in a marquee as it is very elegant. Ruth and Warren clearly have brilliant taste a they had rented these stunning blossom trees for decoration, they looked stunning and really made the pictures. It was to be able to shoot through the blossoms.

      I had so much fun with the bridesmaids, they were easy to photograph as they ran through the lavender fields and made each other giggle. It was great to spent some time taking some family pictures as Warren and Ruth played with their little boy. He was very quick! Didn’t sit still for more than a minute. Credit to Ruth she ran around the whole time, I was tired just watching them!

      As sunset approached the sky turned a beautiful colour and we were able to get a few portraits by the lavender fields before returning to listen to the amazing band. I didnt want to go home, it was a magical day. Congratulations Warren and Ruth.