Have a look through this Photographers gallery showing images of Liam and Beth’s wedding at Blackfriars Restaurant and the party continued at Gosforth Civic Theatre, which is just around the corner from where I live, I could have walked home.
      I first got to know Liam and Beth on their engagement shoot at Jesmond Dene woods, Beth who is from America has the best accent and I just found these two so laid back and easy to talk too.

      Above all, they were clearly very much in love and giggled for most of the shoot and even did a bit of dancing, why not.

      Therefore, Black Friars Restaurant was an obvious choice for Liam and Beth, as Liam’s family work run the place. I once met Liam and Beth as they were on a break from teaching people how to bake bread. It looked like a fantastic course I quite fancy doing it.

      Above all, Black Friars is absolutely perfect for a wedding, the location is right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, it is a hidden gem. Making it very easy for people to travel too.

       Furthermore, It also has a courtyard area with a large beautiful tree which was perfect to sit under in the shade with a glass of wine. The medieval building has beautiful little archways perfect to take pictures underneath. Furthermore, the reception room where they chose to get married is definitely one of a kind. With chandeliers made from Antlers and gorgeous stained glass windows, it is very atmospheric.

      On the wedding day at Blackfriars Restaurant, I met Beth at a cottage which they had rented in Tynemouth, it had beautiful views of the priory and the seaside. Inside I was greeted by all of Beth’s family members who had travelled far and wide to be here for this special day.

      Most importantly, this clearly meant the world to Beth to be surrounded by her loved ones at Blackfriars Restaurant.

       Subsequently, I walked into the cottage and her veil was delicately hanging from the chandelier and a cute flower girl was running around in excitement, it was a lovely atmosphere. The flowers by Wild Flower were absolutely gorgeous, what a talent. The colours worked together perfectly in this messy bouquet. The creams, soft pinks and different textures gelled together and Beth loved them, as did I. One flower stood out to me, I have no idea what it is called but I have never seen one before in a bouquet, so I had fun photographing it.

      Above all, Beth headed to Black Friars Restaurant in style in a very posh car, I think it was a Cadillac- I know very little about cars. But I did get to ride in the front so that I could take some pictures.

      I wasn’t disappointed with the Geordies, they waved and smiled at Beth, congratulating her. She must have felt like a celebrity and she certainly looked the part as she headed to Blackfriars. Photographers gallery.

      In addition, the food at The Black Friars Restaurant was delicious, we truly felt very spoiled, it was something of a banquet for the wedding guests.

      After the food, the speeches commenced and I was very moved when Beth’s sister spoke. They clearly have a very tight bond and I think I managed to capture this magical moment at Blackfriars Restaurant.

      I really enjoyed taking Photographs of Beth and Liam. We went for a nice little stroll around the grounds and got some lovely pictures under the archways. We couldn’t resist having a few pictures with the car, which the driver kindly moved into the perfect position.
      The wedding guests seemed very happy chilling in the courtyard enjoying the sunshine, lying on the grass and drinking wine, what is not to like. View photographers gallery.

      After that, Liam and Beth ended the night at Gosforth Civic Theatre. I am very familiar with the venue as it is just around the corner where I live. There was lots of entertainment in store as Liam and Beth’s family and friends took to the stage, there was: Sword Dancing, Tap dancing, and even Folk Music performed by Liam Parents.

       Furthermore, I have never seen so much entertainment at a wedding and everyone was so talented at Blackfriars Restaurant.

      In addition, Liam was given a, shall we call it a ‘gift’ from the cheeky sword dancers. They gave him what can only be described as a hat. I think it has magical powers.
      We ended the night with a few photobooth pictures as I called it a night and headed home. Congratulations to Liam and Beth, it was a fantastic wedding at Blackfriars Restaurant and Gosforth Civic Centre. Photography in Northeast England, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Photographers Gallery

      Flowers- Wildflower
      Blackfriars Restaurant

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