Brinkburn Priory Wedding

      I first met Kris and Dave at their home, over a year ago now. As soon as I walked through the door, I knew we would get on. Kris and Dave are both Secondary School teachers and they have more pets than I do! I have never met a Spinx cat before, and I’m mesmerised by her blue eyes.

      Kris is very creative and talked enthusiastically about her she planned to decorate the wedding and do lots of the work herself. She was true to her word. Credit to Kris, she pretty much did everything herself!

       I heard myself saying wow when I first saw her wedding flowers, gorgeous colours.  Very on trend with a wild feel to them at Brinkburn Priory.

      She also made a very fetching postbox with again flowers on top. Plus she made the centrepieces and the Art Deco style menu. She enjoyed styling her wedding so much that she has now set up a little business. Definitely worth a peek. Happy Ever Juris

      Brinkburn Priory is a brilliant venue for a wedding! Kris had stayed the night before with her bridesmaids. The accommodation is gorgeous.

      There is plenty of space and a huge kitchen with an island. The room is filled with light shining through the glass doors. There is also a cute little private garden which catches the sun.

      It was very peaceful in the morning, everyone seemed very relaxed. I think the prosecco helped as MÉIA did everyone’s hair and makeup. The bridesmaids helped blow up helium balloons and were a little bit naughty, as you can imagine. Kris’s teenage boys kept out of the way and stayed in their room. Kris was very impressed that they managed to get ready on time without her having to chase them. Well done lads.

      It was a hot sunny day, quite unusual for the UK, but there were no complaints. The chapel At Brinkburn Priory certainly has the wow factor!

      Hair and Makeup MÉIA
      Venus Bridal
      Happy Ever Juris


      Kris walked down the aisle by her two proud boys, wearing top hats. They certainly looked the part and it was an emotional moment at Brinkburn Priory.

      It was lovely and cool in the Chappel and Kris’s friend who is also a victor did a brilliant job at doing a few readings, it was personal and funny. A lovely ceremony.

      Soon it was time for some bridesmaids pictures. The sun was high in the sky, which isn’t the most flattering light for ladies. I opted to go inside to the national trust building which is in disrepair, but beautiful. The peeling wallpaper and exposed brickwork add texture. The large bay windows flooded the room with light as the bridesmaids giggled and cracked jokes with each other.

      Finally, all guests entered the Teepee for speeches and to eat. The twinkly lights and fire pits help create a magical atmosphere. After food guests took part in an Easter egg hunt. This went down very well with adults and children alike. believe it or not, but it was such a hot day, Kris had to hide real eggs, as the chocolate ones would have melted! Don’t worry the kids weren’t stuck with a real egg, they traded them in for the good stuff.

      As the sun began to set I managed to get some time with Kris and Dave. The light was beautiful as we walked around the site. They practised their first dance in front of the bay windows and played around with Dave’s top hat. They were so easy to photograph. Clearly very much in love with tonnes of chemistry.