Zoe and Adam got married just before Christmas and had a Bunny Hill Wedding near York. It was absolutely magical! It was my first time at the venue, and it was beautiful! With twinkly lights everywhere and several Christmas trees it really got us all feeling Christmassy. The staff couldn’t have done more and it was the best food I have had in a long time.

      Hopefully I will be back for a Bunny Hill Wedding Soon.

      Greta and I arrived in York and a had a girly night the night before the wedding. We then were able to arrive super early in the morning to have a good nosey around. It is a great venue, it has a little forest behind the barn which leads onto a field, perfect for pictures. There is also lots of accommodation, so plenty of places for your guests to stay. It is also very private, nice and remote.

      I arrived at Bunny Hill and received a warm welcome from Zoe’s friends and family, they were busy getting their makeup done by Jessica and their hair by Unity  Rhodes. It was a great place to get ready, with a large window letting plenty of natural light in. There were also some small Christmas tree’s framing the window, perfect for creating some bokeh!


      I was immediately dazzled by how amazing Zoe’s hair looked, the colour the vintage curls, she looked stunning.

      Due to Covid the wedding had been rearranged and and the ceremony wasn’t until 3.00. Leaving Zoe and her friends and family plenty of time to get ready and relax. Well the time does creep up on you very quickly!  I had fun photographing Zoe’s dress it was nice and floaty! Perfect for backlighting to make it glow.


      Furthermore, It was a beautiful moment seeing Zoe walking down the aisle. The sun was setting and we had a beautiful sunset behind them as they said their vows. They said I do against a large window, with a stunning view of the gardens and the setting sun.

      Zoe had opted for an arch covered in white roses and foliage to say her vows. It was epic, at Bunny Hill!


      I have never seen a flower arch quite as large. Hats off to Dream Boats and Carousels who creating the romantic arch way for this Bunny Hill Wedding.

      It was a beautiful crisp day, but still it’s December and I didn’t fancy asking all of her guests to step outside in cold. Thankfully there is a large staircase inside which works well for a large group picture. I worked out before the wedding that we should be able to fit everyone on it. Plus have some guests and the bottom. Thankfully my maths  was correct and we managed to fit everyone on. Then at the count of 3 everyone threw their confetti in the air and it landed on Zoe and Adam, who were giggling away.


      At this point it was getting dark so I had whisk Zoe and Adam away to get a few daylight pictures. We headed for the back field and they were able to spend some time together. I know Greta and I were buzzing around them, but we kept a distance so that they could chat privately. Within, I would say 5 minutes it was dark, which was fine, we were prepared for this. You can do wonders with off camera flash. There was some twinkly lights down a path of trees, perfect for a picture. With the help of Greta holding a light for me, we managed to create some magic. One of my favourite pictures, when everything just came together; the twilight sky, the twinkly lights and gentle fog.


      We had all the different weather conditions for Zoe’s wedding, from a beautiful sunset to gentile fog, to finally some rain later on.


      I couldn’t resist capturing a rain picture. I was sure that Zoe would not be keen on getting wet, not with her perfect hair! But it wasn’t a problem, as they were able to stand under a shelter and then you can see the rain in the background. I am sure Zoe was thrilled that she didn’t get wet. Just my poor flash light that had to stand in the rain with a dog poo bag over it. (Don’t worry it was clean!)


      It really was a magical wedding, I love Christmas weddings, especially with all the bokeh that you can create. The massive Christmas Tree was a great backdrop the family formal portraits. Plus had I mentioned the flowers! Dark red, burgundy with berries. You could get more Christmassy, I loved them. Perfect for this Bunny Hill Wedding.


      Congratulations Zoe and Adam.

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