Chinese Wedding

      True Jesus Church in Newcastle upon Tyne was the church that I grew up in ever since I was born. So it meant so much to me that I could have it there and have everyone witness it. I have a very large family with many relatives and cousins whereas my husband’s family comes from Brazil.  And he has a small family so it made sense for them to fly to the UK for the wedding and to have it here for my Chinese Wedding.

      Were you happy with your venue choice? Did it live up to your expectations? How?

      Of course! My church was beautifully decorated from the backdrop, flowers, decorations, signage, favours, wedding cake. The spread of food that was lovingly prepared with the help of the talented brothers and sisters within the church. Everyone played their part to make sure that everything went smoothly.

      Did you have a theme for your wedding? Is so what was it and were you happy with it?

      No theme in particular but I noticed I did go floral for quite a lot of things and the colour theme white, pink and gold.

      Tell me about the food at your wedding? was it yummy? Why?

      The afternoon banquet was at Sky Chinese Restaurant on Stowell Street, Chinatown in Newcastle upon Tyne. The restaurant can fit many tables for guests and it features a 10+ course banquet. With each dish being brought out one after the other and it usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours. Each dish is superb and I would totally recommend this Chinese restaurant to anyone. Wedding or not as it is a family favourite! The banquet is a real celebration for the bride and groom as they meet guests at tables and it features a few outfits changes for the bride and lots of photo taking with the guests.

      Tell me about the service? Did you write your own vows, how did you feel?

      It felt really real when we were sat at the front listening to the preacher giving the sermon. We were overcome with emotion and also excitement as we were taking the next steps to become husband and wife. We made the traditional vows and I could see that my husband was nervous when he had to speak!

      What was the best part of the day?

      Honestly just knowing that all of my family and friends were all there to be a part of it and witness us getting married was the best feeling ever. I have to say the confetti throw was quite amazing too and Lindsey and Greta did a great job capturing every second of it!
      If you wore a dress, why did you pick it and how did you feel wearing it?

      This was a dress that I found at my last wedding dress shop Accent in Newcastle upon Tyne. I wanted a dress that was floral and romantic with a little bit of sparkle. The shop assistant pulled out this dress and had it custom made with off-the-shoulder sleeves and other details specific for me. It was perfect and my eyes lit up when I saw myself in the mirror so I knew it was the one!

      What was the funniest thing that happened?

      Watching the challenges that my best friends played on the groom and groomsmen to gain entry into the house was hilarious as I was watching it from my phone. I know that they were dreading to do these challenges!

      Did anything surprise you?

      My wedding was over 2 days and it surprised me how quickly the time would pass by and how everything finished at the blink of an eye! Cherish each moment with your loved ones as it’s not often you get to have family from all around the world gather in one place to celebrate your day. Chinese Wedding

      If you were plan your wedding all other again what would you change?

      Apart from forgetting to wear my wedding jewellery on the day… honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect!
      Any thing that you would like to add that we may have missed.
      Thank you so much! All of the wedding photos are amazing it’s hard to whittle down my favourites for the wedding album!


      Sky Chinese Cuisine 

      True Jesus Christ Church