Congratulations Becky and Charlie. Your DIY Marquee wedding was so much fun! I absolutely loved how the community had all banded together to help this wedding run perfectly. Becky and Charlie choose to have their wedding in the middle of the village square. Well it was kind of like a village square. There must have been about 15 houses surrounding the square. It is so lovely that all the neighbours were more than happy for the wedding to take place on the square. Furthermore Becky and Charlie had a beautiful marquee in the middle of the square: put up by the couples friends and family.

      When I arrived there was a buss as everyone helped out with the food and getting the chairs lined up outside. It was a perfect sunny day. Another neighbour invited me into their home. Even offering me cup of tea, explaining that from the top floor you could get a lovely picture of the marquee, they were right!

      Becky was cool as a cucumber on he morning,. She looked absolutely stunning! Considering the amount of organising that goes into a wedding when it isn’t at a typical venue. Everyone had their roles and it run like clockwork.

      In addition particularly loved the games at their DIY Marquee wedding. Traditional wooden games that kept the kids and adults entertained. I think my favourite was a horse racing game. Then obviously there were a few drinking games.

      My favourite touch has to be the ice cream van! DIY Marquee Wedding

      I think everyone should have a ice cream van at their wedding! Charlie climbed inside and served his beautiful wife, she I think opted for extra sprinkles. A few feet away the kids were playing up a tree, a few adults had even managed to climb the tree too, and now were wondering how they were meant to get down! Soon you could hear the ice cream truck and the kids quickly appeared!

      When I first arrived, I did remember thinking, where are we going to do the couple photographs? I shouldn’t have worried as I quickly met a very friendly elderly couple who were excited to show me their garden. Well it was immaculately kept, the lady had been a gardener and it clearly showed. This garden should have won awards it was beautiful and in full bloom. They were more than happy for me to take some pictures in their garden, how lovely is that! Such community spirit.

      Charlie wasn’t one for lets say, romantic photographs, he was full of energy, so we let Charlie be Charlie and we managed to get some very expressive photographs of the two of them, which I think captures their personalities perfectly.

      Congratulations Charlie and Becky, you made me giggle all day long, I won’t forget the groomsmen pictures in a hurry!