Rebecca and Chris to decided to get married at Eshott Hall in Northumberland. I decided to ask Rebecca a few questions about her wedding Northumberland.

      Please tell me about your Eshott Hall Wedding and why you chose Eshott Hall?

      Eshott Hall was owned previously by the Bainbridge family who had the department store in Newcastle. We loved the fact that although it still is a major house it’s not huge and still had the feel of a home. We wanted to feel as though we weren’t just another wedding being churned out- Eshott gave us this feeling and so we fell in love it! We also liked the idea of the small chapel being separate to the hall.

      Were you happy with Eshott Hall? Did it live up to your expectations? How?

      Absolutely. Eshott Hall was even better than we had hoped. It gave guests on the evening areas away from the music to relax and chat if they wanted- not everyone wants to dance the night away like us!

      Did you have a theme for your Eshott Hall wedding? Is so what was it and were you happy with it?

      Fun and fabulous, we wanted guests to feel relaxed and able to have fun but in a formal setting. We kept a purple and gold colour scheme mainly however we wanted a pop colour in the ballroom to give it the wow factor.

      Tell me about the food at your Eshott hall wedding? was it yummy? Why?
      Our guests had a choice menu for all three courses. I especially loved the king prawn starter and cream Brulee dessert. It was amazing!
      Tell me about the service? Did you write your own vows, how did you feel?

      The service had an informal light-hearted feel to it from the registrar. We didn’t write our vows but chose different promise to one another. Although it was a hard decision to make Amie and Vicky- Chris`s mam- both did a reading, which was beautiful.

      What was the best part of the day?

      The whole thing! From breakfast to falling asleep! It was the most perfect day for both of us. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.

      If you wore a dress, why did you pick it and how did you feel wearing it?

      It was a fishtail gown by designer Stella York. I found her at Blue Bow Bridal in Durham. It sparkled from head to toe and had a beautiful crystal back. I wanted a dress that was slightly different and made me feel like a glamorous queen – it certainly did!

      What was the funniest thing that happened?

      The Mr and Mrs quiz- this was a spare of the moment decision so guests didn’t have a clue. Guests absolutely loved it!

      Did anything surprise you?
      The videographer! Chris surprised me in the morning with Stan and his camera at Eshott Hall
      Tell me about your first dance.

      We had chosen Frankir Valli and the four seasons, can’t take my eyes off you. We had practised the odd spin in the kitchen a few nights before but otherwise was a make it up on the spot moment. We had asked close friends and family to be ready for when the beat kicked in to be ready to dance- they didn’t let us down. Everyone also sang along to the words too. It was a really special few minutes.

      If you were to plan your wedding all other again what would you change?

      I would have made a very short speech thanking guests myself for coming- I planned to do this but bottled out at the last minute! Otherwise nothing!

      Venue- Eshott Hall Facebook Eshott Hall Website
      Flowers- No Ordinary Floral Designer
      Cake Toppers- Artlocke Designs
      Disco- The DISCO Co North East Ltd
      Holly’s Lollies

      Wedding Dress Shop- Blue Bow Bridal Wedding Dress Shop- Blue Bow Bridal