Eleanor and Gavin’s farm wedding.
      Well where do I start, I loved this wedding so much! Greta and I got to stay over night as this wedding was a little bit too far away to drive to in one day. Greta and I even treated ourselves to a nice out meal the night before the wedding and felt very spoiled.

      I met Eleanor in the local church where she was putting out some flowers for the service the next day. Greta and I had to pinch ourselves when we saw the church. It was so cute, like out of a fairy tale. It was small which added to the character and had beautiful details such as the stained glass windows.

      After running through some details we made our way to the farm where the reception was taking place. The farm belonged to Eleanors mum, and they found the perfect spot to put up a Marquee. When we arrived were were greeted by 2 goats who seemed to want to chew Greta’s coat. She promptly ran to her car and hid, leaving me with the two goats. Clearly she is a City girl.

      The goats merrily started walking towards the house and ate some lovely flowers. At this point Eleanor arrived and we realised that the goats had escaped. Luckily team bridesmaids were on it and proceeded to attempt to round the goats up. It was goats 1- bridesmaids nil. Eventually we got the goats into their pen!
      It was lovely meeting all of the bridesmaids at this farm wedding. Who went above and beyond to help out, carrying drinks over to the marquee and helping decorate the tables. They are all clearly very close friends.

      Eleanor opted to see Gavin before they were in the church. It was a lovely moment as he watched her arrive and walk up the path towards the church in her stunning dress.


      After the ceremony we were spoiled rotten with places to go for pictures. There was a barley field 2 seconds away and also a cute orchard with apple trees. A little dog also decided to photobomb us. Which was fantastic as these two are crazy about dogs and they just lit up as soon as they saw her running towards them.

      Back at the farm there was a very relaxed atmosphere and we managed to get some pictures underneath a metal sign that Gavin had hand crafted.

      Its a definite first for metal signs, but it just worked!
      I then got to know the animals at the farm, making friends with chickens and goats as the guest basked in the sunshine. I think the highlight of my day was meeting the puppies! They were super cute and had so much energy, I did manage to get a few pictures of them, they were quick!

      It was lovely to hear recently that they are expecting their first child, what fantastic parents they will make. What a lucky baby. All the best for the future. I loved your farm wedding.

      Peartree Beauty