Priya & George’s wedding at Hidden River Cabins


      This was my first time visiting The Hidden River Cabins and wow what a venue! I immediately wanted to come back with my friends and book a cabin with a hot tub. It is so peaceful and relaxing, with a quaint stream and woodlands all around you it is very relaxing. The cabins are very spread out, so you do feel like you are in the woods getting close to nature.  It really is beautiful hidden gem!


      I was thrilled that Priya and George picked me to photograph their wedding. Priya is a teacher and I immediately felt like I had known her for ages, with teaching in common we could have a good giggle about the trails and tribulations of teaching teenagers. Priya was super organised and had a vision for her wedding which definitely came true!


      I arrived at the farm house where Priya and her crew were getting ready.

      There was such a buzz, it was a very fun atmosphere there was plenty of space for everyone to get ready.

      The makeup artists were friendly and soon had everyone looking fabulous! Priya choose a classic wedding dress that was elegant and simplistic. It had a beautiful tie around the waist which I felt was a nod to her heritage. Furthermore, later in the day Priya would change into her Lehenga which is a traditional Hindu wedding garment. It involves wrapping fabic, which I felt linked to her white wedding dress. Both dresses were absolutely stunning.

      George and his groomsmen stayed at an amazing log cabin right next to the stream with a hot tub! MY fantastic assistant Greta had the pleasure of photographing the boys which gives me more time to spend with the girls.


      The space where they tied the know is spectacular, full of wood with large windows and twinkly lights it is beautiful.  The ceremony took place against the large window, plenty of light for the photographs. After completing a moving ceremony Priya got changed into her Lehenga for the Hindu ceremony. It was my first Hindu ceremony and I loved it! They put up a large frame with colour flowers draped from it. My favourite part was when the family entered singing and dancing.


      Firstly, I loved what Oopsie daisy did with the decor, they went with foliage on the tables which worked really well with all of the wood to help create a very natural vibe. It worked so well with all the twinkly lights and candelabras.  It was a bit chilly to outside but it wasn’t an issue as there was so much space inside. Upstairs is a large bar area where you can look down onto the large hall.  We were able to do group formal photographs inside as there was plenty of light, this meant that guests didn’t have to go outside.


      This was such a fun and vibrant wedding with singing and dancing throughout! Congratulations Priya and George!






      Daniella Make Up & Hair
      Cakes By Alison Fawkes
      Hidden River Cabins
      Oopsie Daisy ~ Flowers & Decor