Rebecca and Andrew’s Wedding at Horton Grange Country House was amazing! Such a lovely couple who never stopped smiling the whole day.

      We managed to catch a nice sunset and also there was some lovely Autumn colours.

      Massive shout out to Holly the MUA, Rebecca is a very talented MUA she knew exactly who to ask to do her makeup! Rather than me tell you about their amazing wedding, lets here it from Rebecca in this little interview:

      Please tell me about your venue and why you chose it?

      We chose Horton Grange Country House Hotel. It was just the right fit for us, so private and cosy with the right amount of glamour.

      Were you happy with Horton Grange Did it live up to your expectations? How?
      I wouldn’t change anything about our venue choice. Viewing a venue a finding it beautiful is one thing but experiencing it for yourself properly as your wedding venue is just completely different. I honestly felt so at home getting ready on the morning and so zen in my surroundings.

      Did you have a theme for your wedding? Is so what was it and were you happy with it?
      No particular theme. Just colours that suited us both. Rose gold, blush, burgundy and green were our colours done in an autumnal way. I think it came out better than I imagined to be honest.

      Tell me about the food at your wedding? was it yummy? Why?
      The food was excellent. We had a number of vegetarians at the wedding too so getting that right was so important for us. We had such great feedback on how lovely it was from everyone. It was definitely elevated from the usual wedding food while still being inkeeping which what is expected.

      Tell me about the service? Did you write your own vows, how did you feel?
      The service was perfectly imperfect from forgetting what we were supposed to be saying and my husband stumbling over my long name we laughed through alot of it.
      The special touch came from my grandfather who is a vicar giving a blessing at the end of the ceremony, it was such a touching addition to make things more personal to us.

      What was the best part of the day?
      Wow, not sure I could pick just one. I had just such a huge sense of calm all day it just felt right
      If you wore a dress, why did you pick it and how did you feel wearing it?
      I went with the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted. As a plus size bride I quickly realised what I thought would suit me just…didn’t…at all. So I went with what made me feel special and suited my figure.

      I changed in the evening to a more comfortable sparkley number (because why the hell not) and I am so glad I did! It was so much fun and made me feel extra boujee.

      What was the funniest thing that happened?
      Probably the speeches. Honestly the best man I have to hand it to him, he put on a good show. Although my dad the father of the bride started off the speeches very strong and was quite the dark horse!
      Did anything surprise you?
      How calm I was! This was our third wedding date and had suffered a catastrophic bereavement so by the time the wedding day came a sense of calm had just set in that I can’t even explain.

      Tell me about your first dance.
      Probably one of the easiest decisions was the first dance song. ‘Only you’ by yazoo. It’s been our song from very early on in our relationship.

      Neither of us are great dancers but we enjoyed the moment for what it was! And I didn’t wear a dress that would sparkle with movement in the dark for no reason!

      If you were plan your wedding all other again what would you change?
      I wish it could have been our original date. The loss of my mother in law prior to the wedding was very difficult she was so missed by us all and would have loved it. But these things happen unfortunately and our day was as perfect as it could’ve been
      Any thing that you would like to add that we may have missed.
      When choosing who I would like around me on my wedding day. All I can say is I made the perfect choice of photographers, makeup artist and hairdresser. I honestly just felt like having mates with me which is exactly what I wanted.

      Florist- Remy & Rose