I was thrilled to photograph Belinda and Rob’s wedding at Le Petit Chateau. Le Petit Chateau is one of my favourite venues, it has such character and I am always amazed and fascinated by the gorgeous fireplace.

      It was a crisp spring morning and the daffodils are in full bloom at Le Petit Chateau, Belinda was as calm as a cucumber.

      Surrounded by her bridesmaids they got ready in the nearby apartment. Her bridesmaids wore pale blue dresses which matched the flowers perfectly. Belinda’s face lit up as she received her bouquet and I was not surprised! Made by Carole Paul it was exactly how she had envisaged it. Belinda chose to do her own hair and makeup. Which I am sure will not come as a surprise to anyone. I knew that Belinda was a makeup artist. But I had no idea that she had appeared on  Glow Up .

      After googling the show I’m blown away by Belinda’s talent. She chose not to turn herself into an owl, or a rock for her wedding day and opted for some quite natural looking makeup. Emma Louise Hair and Make-up Artistry did the makeup and hair for her bridesmaids. You know she must be good if Belinda has chosen you! Perfect weddings Northumberland.

      Meanwhile, my fabulous assistant Greta was hanging out with the boys in the tropical gardens. Capturing documentary style moments with Rob and his groomsmen.


      His son stole the show. Greta is fantastic at photographing kids, they warm to her quickly. Weddings Northumberland.

      Rob was very emotional moments before Belinda walked down the aisle. It was very moving. Luckily Greta was at the back of the room and was able to capture Rob’s face. This is the reaction you want when you walk down the aisle!
      It was a very relaxed ceremony at Le Petit Chateau. There was lots of laughter which helped calm Rob’s nerves. Soon they were both covered in confetti as they walked down the aisle. You can’t beat weddings Northumberland.

      After the ceremony, I photographed some formal group shots in the bright sunlight, then the bridesmaids. They were a great bunch to photograph. Giggling and playing with their bouquets made for some great pictures. It was also nice to capture some family moments of Rob and Belinda with their cute son.

      The compare at Le Petit Chateau was hilarious and brilliant at organising the day. Everyone knows what is happening. The best weddings are in Northumberland!

      The staff at  Le Petit Chateau are like a well-oiled machine. They know exactly what they are doing. They make sure everyone has a fantastic time. I know that when I have a wedding at Le Petit Chateau, it will run like clockwork. Any potential problems will are dealt with swiftly.  I can relax and trust the staff to stick to the timings of the day and ensure everyone is having a good time.

      Rob and Belinda’s cake was stunning. It had sugar flowers delicately running down the side of it, and pretty lace details, plus it tasted delicious. Weddings Northumberland.

      Soon everyone had hit the dance floor and were boasting some moves. I set up some lights outside ready for a dramatic waterfall picture. Rob and Belinda then simply had to stand in front of the lights for about 2 minutes, whilst I captured the moment. We used some fine mist to help add to the atmosphere. I placed a light behind them which made Belinda’s dress glow, as well as a second light with a blue gel which lit up the water fountain.

      Emma Louise Hair and Make-up Artistry did a brilliant job with the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup.
      Flowers by Carole Paul
      Le Petit Chateau
      Belinda Chatterton