I was back at one of my favourite venues Le Petit Chateau Northumberland. Just before Christmas, it was a cold crisp day, but we managed to capture some winter sun.

      le Petit Chateau Northumberland is a charming venue, it has a cute pink building that wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy tale. It reminds me of a Gaudi style building. Inside this building is one of the most beautiful fireplaces I have ever seen. Once a florist has got her/his hands on it, it truly is spectacular. I chatted to the lovely gardener at Le Petit Chateau and she is clearly very dedicated and proud of what she has accomplished. I am no gardener but there are plants from over the world, it looks very tropical. Personally, I can’t keep plants alive, I wish this lady would come and rescue my plants.

      I first met Lauren and Dylan over a year ago when they came to visit me, travelling all the way from Carlisle to Newcastle. Dylan is a graphic designer and it was lovely to hear him say kind words about my work.

      They brought with them their pride and joy, their dog. Who clearly was very important to them and would be taking part in the service. Brilliant that Le Petit Chateau Northumberland allows dogs!

      On the morning Lauren was very calm, but I think nerves were making her feel a bit under the weather. Her bridesmaids were on hand to help and she soon she was feeling like her old self again. We were in the apartment at Le Petit Chateau. The walls are a deep blue and there is a pretty gold chandelier. It makes for some dark and moody pictures.



      Lauren’s dress was stunning, Lace cute little wing sleeves, it suited her perfectly. Her teamed the dress with a flower headpiece which looked great with her short hair. As I’m sure you all know, I do like shoes. I have big feet and shoes never look dainty on me. However, Laurens shoes were so tiny and precious. They have a large gold heart on the front and white slingback. Vivienne Westwood design.- Perfect. I had fun photographing them against Laurens pretty veil with lace details at Le Petit Chateau Northumberland.
      Kate Pymm did a fantastic job doing Lauren’s makeup, she was very relaxed and I loved the eyeshadow she applied. I want it!

      Did I mention Lauren’s flowers? OMG, they were beautiful, berries, succulents and pink roses, they were unusual and perfect for the venue and the time of year. I had fun photographing them at Le Petit Chateau Northumberland. Flowers by –Fleur Couture – Floral Design & Event Styling

      Greta, my fabulous assistant had fun photographing Dylan and his Groomsmen in the gardens. I laughed when she showed me the pictures, it is the middle of winter and they look like they are in the Carribean! Brilliant, loved the pictures, Dylan has such a cheeky face he smiled non stop for the entire day. He must have had face ache.

      The ceremony was perfect. Sansa, the very cute dog had to be the be centre of attention and cried if she was moved away from Lauren and Dylan. So she made her self at home and sat in the middle of them as they made their vows. It was very cute.

      The formal pictures were anything but formal. Lauren and Dylan are so much fun, that everyone was joking and laughing pulling silly faces and generally having a whale of a time. It was lovely photographing her briadesmaid and flower girl. Dressed in soft pink they braved the cold for a few pictures at Le Petit Chateau Northumberland.

      Inside the tables looked fantatsic, lauren had but a bit of a twist into her decorations and used some animal skulls. As well as roses and foiliage placed on top of a hesian material with some tea lights. It looked fantastic.

       They chose to give their guest a pot of Northumberland honey, great idea and nice that it is supporting local businesses. Plus I love bees, so I’m biased. Le Petit Chateau Northumberland.

      I made full use of the christmas tree tocapture a bit of bokeh, I love bokeh! With some help from Greta, she lit the cake for me as I litterally shoot the wedding cake from inside the christmas tree. People probably thought I was mad, which I am a bit. But it looked good for the picture! The cake was lovely, tying in with her theme, it had a pink roses decorating it. Simplicity worked well for this cake as it was naked! At Le Petit Chateau Northumberland.

      later in the evening, I managed to grab Dylan and Lauren for a minute. Setting up my lights before hand, we got some pictures against the fireplace, and also in front of the pink building. Finally, they braved the cold and we got a nice picture in front of the water fountain. It has a fire rim around it, I dont fully know how they do it, but it looks very impressive!
      The party continued and even Sansa was on the dance floor until late. We escaped with a peice of cake and some coffee for the road. We loved being part of their wedding at Le Petit Chateau Northumberland.

      Makeup-Kate Pymm
      Flowers- Fleur Couture – Floral Design & Event Styling