Photographing Judith and Jayne’s civil ceremony at Linden Hall was such fun. I got to know Judith and Jayne at their engagement shoot at Morpeth park, where we spotted some Forget Me Nots, which I had to include the photographs.

      I quickly got to know this cheeky pair during the shoot
      They had fun jumping around and generally being very silly, which was brilliant!

      On the morning of the Civil Ceremony I spent most of my time with Judith. Whilst Greta spent her morning with Jayne. Judith was as cool as a cucumber surrounded by her family she seemed very much at home at Linden Hall.

      Above all, Donna Middleton did a fantastic job on Judith’s makeup, she was warm and friendly. But best of all, the makeup looked great in the pictures, so I was a happy photographer. You would never have guessed that Judith was about to tie the knot. She spent the morning playing with her granddaughter and sipping a little bit of champagne.

      On the other hand, Jayne, bless her, seemed a bit lost without her soulmate, as she battled with her nerves. But all was fine as soon as she saw her stunning bride walk down the aisle.
      Judith had told a little white lie, she told Jayne that she was going to wear a nice suit.

       Meanwhile, much to Jayne’s surprise she gracefully walked down the aisle in a very elegant lace dress, with a  train and lace capped sleeves. It was a beautiful moment at Linden Hall.

      Above all the room they used for the Civil Ceremony was lovely. I love the pictures from the back which show the  wooden beams and the vivid red carpet work like a charm. Did I mention the flowers? Wow, a very simple colour scheme with cream roses, thistles and eucalyptus. It seemed to all blend together, very unique and elegant.

      Meanwhile, to decorate the tables they had verses of long white flowers, at the base, it was quite rustic with moss and tree stumps. I also liked the touch of giving their guests sunflower seeds as a wedding favour. Asking them to sew the seeds and watch the love grow. How sweet!

      Therefore, we then went outside for the group pictures. Linden Hall is such an amazing building, that it had to be in the background for the pictures.

      So, as I often do I got out my trusty ladder and risked my life to get the group shots. Totally worth it! Â Following the group pictures I got to spend some time with Judith and Jayne. The gardens were in full bloom, with vivid pink and purple flowers which were the perfect setting for some very romantic pictures. Then as expected Judith and Jayne had some fun running around and even doing a spot of dancing, we had fun!

      The reception room at Linden Hall was nice and bright and a good size. Plus the gardens are beautiful so guest were able to have a wander around and enjoy the sunshine.

      Consequently, I found the staff to be really helpful, and Judith and Jayne couldn’t have been happier with their choice of venue at Linden Hall.

      I was lucky enough to try and the food and it was lovely!

      To clonclude, the night ended with lots of dancing, as I made my exit with a cheeky piece of cake in my pocket, such a fun wedding at Linden Hall.

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      Makeup- Donna Middleton.