I was back again at one my my favourite venues, for this Matfen Hall Wedding.

      Damyan and Stephanie’s was magical. How can you not be when you have the cutest little pug in your wedding party! This was such a fun wedding at Matfen Hall. They are loveliest couple ever who make you feel like you have known them for ever.

      I arrived early and managed to take Stephanie’s beautiful wedding dress into the The Grand Hall. The groomsmen were not due to arrive for hours. This mean’t that I could take advantage of the spectacular Great Hall at Matfen Hall. I hung up Stephanie’s wedding dress and managed to capture some very dramatic pictures.

      Greta and I had shoe envy when we saw her very sparkly rose pink wedding shoes. Perfect. It also means that you are able to wear them again which is always a bonus.

      Stephanie started the day off in the bridal suite at Matfen Hall, it is truly beautiful. In front of a huge bay window I was able to photograph her bridesmaids who wore rose pink long dresses.

      I managed to find a little bit of time to help Greta photograph the Groomsmen. I am glad I did as it was so much fun. They didn’t need any prompting. They clearly are all very good friends and they were laughing and joking with each other.

      The Groomsmen danced to the Back Street Boys, I’m not really sure why. But once I had finished laughing at them I managed to get some pictures.  They had epic 90s moves.   We also managed to get some more serious photographs were the Groomsmen looked very handsome in front of the very grand fireplace at Matfen Hall.



      The ceremony was very moving as they exchanged their vows. Fortunately Greta, my assistant was on hand to capture the bridesmaids coming down the staircase, I then captured them coming down the aisle.


      The weather wasn’t looking great. But that wasn’t going to stop us. We decided the photograph the bridesmaids inside. It was a bit cold and raining and no one fancied getting wet. I set up some lights in the main hall and we had some fun.

      Stephanie is a cheer leader and is used to be thrown in the air. Thank fully some of her bridesmaids were in her cheerleading team! Within a matter of minutes they had lifted her in the air and were striking some poses. These ladies have the moves and I couldn’t believe how far they could kick their leg! We obviously had to take advantage of this and before I knew it they were doing the cancan. It was so much fun!

      Stephanie studied Roman history and it was lovely to see her incorporate her passion in to her wedding decorations. It is really nice when couples place their identity into their wedding. It worked a treat at Matfen Hall.


      Hair and Makeup-
      Matfen Hall Hotel, Golf Course and Spa
      Letters- Coco Luminaire