I was back again at Newton Hall Northumberland for Ashlea & Brads wedding. It was the perfect wedding day, the sun was shining at this exclusive use venue. Rather than me tell you about this perfectly styled wedding, it’s best if Ashlea explains everything in her own words:

      Please tell me about Newton Hall Northumberland and why you chose it?

      We had an idea in mind of the style of wedding we were wanting. I wanted to get married in the UK, but somewhere we had to drive to and make a weekend out of it. Above all, we still felt like we were going away from home to get married. Furthermore, we only viewed a couple of venues and we knew straight away it had to be Newton Hall. There was no comparison. In addition, it has such a WOW factor when you turn to drive into the venue. The building and decor is amazing, like an old statley home.

      Above all it is quirky and fun inside. With the most beautiful gardens!! The staff are amazing and make sure the full day run’s like clockwork!!

      Were you happy with Newton Hall Northumberland? Did it live up to your expectations? How?

      Yes we couldnt of been happier with our venue choice, it was everything we ever dreamt of and more!! From the day you book your Wedding right up until your Wedding day. There is so much fine detail that goes into planning. In addition with the help of the Wedding Co-ordinators from the venue, they are so professional. Above all they help you along every step of your journey!! Newton hall think of everything, Even the little things you wouldn’t think you have to plan- you do.

      It makes your day super special knowing how much time was spent planning to a fine tee!! Newton Hall give you so many options when planning your big day. In addition, there is so many different ideas to make your Wedding day different. The staff are amazing here and the venue itself is so well looked after it is utterly beautiful in every way!!

      Did you have a theme for your wedding? Is so what was it and were you happy with it?

      We didn’t have a theme as such, I always knew i wanted to try and do things different.  Consequently not have everything matching. But also not too different so that it didn’t blend in- I just knew I wanted a pretty and glitzy room! Above all I made a lot of personalised decor signs myself. Consequently I spent so much time into ordering and making so many little bits and pieces. I feel the personalised touches make it!!

      Our colour scheme was a mix of pastle pink, blue, white flowers, including daisies it looked gorgeous. We went for glitter rose gold decor with a mix of table centrepieces. Including vases with fairy lights, hoops, candles. Our room looked beautiful. Consequently, I couldn’t be happier- our florist done the most amazing job, I cant stop looking at the photos!!

      We also had pretty light up lights, one being ‘THE MORROWS’. In addition this looked so effective. To conclude, on the nighttime I knew we wanted a photo-booth. We wanted to do it different- so opted for a magic mirror.  In addition this kept in our wedding theme with lots of pretty hearts around it, it was amazing!

      Tell me about the food at Newton Hall Northumberland? was it yummy? Why?

      We spent so long picking food options, and I am so pleased we picked what we did. It was delicious!! We choose canapes for the drinks reception they were a great little touch. Also it’s quite a wait for your Wedding meal.  I am pleased we done this as it gave guests something to tye them over. The canapes were served and looked beautiful. My favourite one was a mini burger slider served with a mini beer!! We skipped a starter and went straight on to having a BBQ.

      In addition it was a hot summers day which was amazing! To conclude we then had a sorbet course which had alcohol in for the adults. This was quite a quirky fun course! Followed by a dessert table by our cake maker with a mix of yummy desserts. Such as cookies, tarts, mini battenbergs, cupcakes & dessert pots etc!! It was such a relaxed approach to a dessert and guests helped themselves!! On the night time we had a mix of hot roast sandwiches, fish and chip cones- and a buffet & smores for the children!! To conclude, there was so much food to go around and the food tasted amazing!!


      Tell me about the service at Newton Hall Northumberland? Did you write your own vows, how did you feel?

      The service could not of been any better!! It was so relaxed and actually fun!! I really worried about being nervous and mixing my words up! But we were so suprised how calm we were at this stage!! It is such a special feeling doing your Vows and having all your friends and family there rooting you on!!

      I did actually stand there for a minute or so but it felt like a lifetime putting the ring on my Husbands wrong hand. I didn’t register what everyone was saying, which was nerves!!, but this added to the fun i suppose and guests actually said the ceremony was so fun and relaxed which is good to hear!!

      What was the best part of the day?

      It’s so hard to say what the best part of the day was as every part was amazing!! I loved having everyone together celebrating and enjoying themselves. One of our Wedding highlights to us though was the No 1 singing waiters! I kept this as a suprise for everyone, even my Groom!! Only me and my Mam knew which made it even more exciting!!

      They serve during your wedding meal as waiters then before the dessert course, they burst into a 30-40 minute performance of singing and dancing. The are amazing and so funny, everyone loved these and joined in.

      They turn your wedding meal into a party and create such a buzz- they even had us all doing to conga and dancing on the chairs!! I would recommend these to anyone having a wedding, everyone commented after how good they thought they were. Everyone was up dancing. I also loved our singer during the reception- we were so lucky with the weather and managed to spend most of our day outside, it felt so relaxed and special!!

      If you wore a dress, why did you pick it and how did you feel wearing it?

      I actually went to so many Bridal shops and spent so much time finding a dress. It was actually starting to get a little bit upset as I couldn’t find a dress I loved!! In addition,I knew exactly what I wanted and I think sometimes that is hard when you have an exact idea in mind!! I knew I wanted glitzy, fitted, detailed dress but not much lace and I just couldnt find it!

      My last dress shop was the Wedding Dress company in Corbridge, I knew as soon as I walked in I would find my dress here. The staff were amazing and so helpful, as soon as I tried my dress on I loved it, I felt like what I imagined I’d feel like as a Bride. I feel my dress was like a Wedding dress with a modern twist, I loved it !! On my Wedding day I loved my dress so much. It feels lovely on the day when your hair/makeup is done and your in your dress and have your veil on! I am so pleased I waited till I found exactly what I was looking for and loved my dress & my veil so much!! I didnt want to take it off!

      What was the funniest thing that happened?

      Doing our vows was actually funny and you would never expect it to be!! I had said some mix ups but this relaxed the atmosphere! Also the singing waiters again for me, their acts are so funny and had everyone laughing constantly!!

      Did anything surprise you at Newton Hall Northumberland?

      I wouldnt say anything really did suprise me, but I would say I was so suprised how smooth the full day ran with all our suppliers working together, and on the day you are just left to enjoy your day which is good!!

      Tell me about your first dance.

      We were debating on having a first dance! But we both said straight after we were so pleased we did one!! It was so fun – and such a special moment. We had magic mist on the dance-floor which was magical and looked beautiful on our photos. We choose to have a slow version of cascada- everytime we touch which went into a fast version a few minutes into it- and this filled the dancefloor up everyone joined in it was great!!

      If you were plan your wedding all other again what would you change?

      I wouldn’t change anything, rather than maybe not stress and worry too much, which I am sure most brides do!! The small things you worry about guests wouldnt know any different, and you need to keep remembering its your day do what makes yous happy!!

      Any thing that you would like to add that we may have missed.

      There is so many different Wedding options and choices out there, I loved pintrest when planning our wedding!! Enjoy every second of your big day including the build up as it goes so quick and you miss quite a few things on the day as your so busy!! Afterwards you cant stop looking at photos to re live your big day!!

      Venue- Newton Hall, Bold, Romantic & Fantastical

      Makeup-Make Up By Vicky
      Florist- Styled and Seated
      Cake- The Master Cakesmith
      DJ- AMV Live Music
      Wedding Stationary-Rose wood co
      Music- Jessica Avison Music
      Singing waiters- No1 Singing Waiters