Sarah & Jordan at the Radisson Blu Durham


      I was honoured to when Sarah and Jordan asked me to photograph their wedding at The Radisson Blu in Durham.

      They booked me really far in advance, but as always the time went by very quickly. Sarah and Jordan’s wedding was at the end of Autumn and we had started to loose the beautiful Autumn colours. However it wasn’t a problem thanks to a bit of enhancing in photoshop I was able to capture the stunning warm and orange and yellow tones for this stunning wedding at The Radisson Blu Durham.

      Sarah got ready in a large loft space with her bridesmaids and family members.

      Her daughter was incredibly cute, a little mini Sarah and certainly wasn’t shy. She kept everyone busy with her infectious smile.


      At The Radisson Blu Sarah slipped into her stunning wedding dress and her homemade bouquet with white and cream roses which looked very beautiful. The ceremony was perfect and I spotted a few people shed a tear.

      Due to the lovely British wedding we did have a spot of rain, but we managed to work around it. We did the large group picture in the Radisson Blu foyer. Jordan and Sarah braved the cold and we managed to get some lovely pictures on the bridge. We then went to the back of the building. It was actually a car park! But you have to follow the light and that is where we managed to capture the beautiful sunset pictures.

      The reception room at The Radisson blu is very atmospheric the coloured up-lights really complimented the room. Jordan and Sarah oped for large letters that spelt out Love, which always look great in the pictures. They also had a white backdrop with twinkly lights and spectacular ornamental chairs for the bride and groom.

      They are such a lovely little family, you clearly loved by all of their family and friends, It was a pleasure to photograph these two love birds.


      Raddison Blu Durham