Micheal and Jonathan picked the Royal Station Hotel to hold their Civil Ceremony event. These two lads tied the knot in a far-flung destination on a beach with palm trees. Very glamourous. They then decided to hold a huge party for when they returned so that all their friends and family could celebrate with them.
      Furthermore, I first met Michael and Jonathan at their house, where their very energetic dog seemed very pleased to meet me and I think wanted to lick me to death, he then frantically jumped from sofa to sofa much to Michaels dismay. Eventually, she calmed and I  gave her cuddles and tried to adopt her. They wouldn’t let me.

       It is a bit of a small world as we soon worked out that Michael had attended Longbenton School where I work and it is possible that I could have taught him!

      In short, this made me feel very old. But we were able to gossip about the old school and reminisce about some of the old school teachers. Poor Jonathan must have been bored rigid. Eventually, the talk did turn to their Civil Ceremony.
      The Royal Station Hotel is one of my favourite venues, it is a beautiful civil partnership venues, and I am their recommended photographer. I feel quite honoured. It is the perfect location for a civil ceremony. Right in the Centre of Newcastle.  Plus it means most of your guests won’t have to spend the night in a hotel.

      The reception room is truly breathtaking with large bay windows and so many chandeliers that I lost count. Perfect venue for a civil ceremony.

      In addition, you can easily move around and there is plenty of space for the dance floor. There are also some small side rooms with large fireplaces which are really useful, as you can put the buffet in there and have a separate space for a photo booth. The staff are also very friendly and organised, Michael and Jonathan, spoke very highly about how well they had been looked after.


      After that, I met Michael and Jonathan later on in the day as they were both getting ready. Jonathan is a hairdresser which I am sure Michael is thrilled about as his hair always looks perfect. I wonder why.
      They chose to where Blue suits with a touch of orange. (complimentary colours you know, I teach art, I know this stuff) They looked great, and it also matches the colour scheme in the Reception room. Consequently, I have no idea if this was intentional but it worked a treat.

      I was lucky enough to take some photographs of them on the magnificent staircase. I think it is art deco chandelier, well it is breathtaking, I love it. Perfect for a civil ceremony.

      conseqently, I used a crystal to help creates a bokeh effect, and the lads were so easy to photograph. They smiled the whole time and are clearly very much in love. I then ran right to the top of the staircase, they must have thought I was mad, as my assistant Greta lit them with some off-camera flash, we got a lovely wide angle picture for this Civil Ceremony.

      None the less the party soon got started and Michael and Jonathan delivered some heartfelt and funny speeches before the crazy dancing began. I managed to do some group formal pictures on the staircase, not an easy feat, as it gets very dark if you are at the back of the staircase. But thanks to some powerful flashguns I managed to light them all consistently.

      Furthermore, I don’t think Michael actually left the dance floor, he was busting some moves and had the biggest smile on his face.

      Above all these two are clearly very popular and well-loved by the number of friends and family who turned up to celebrate with them. I am so glad they picked me to photograph their celebration. These two are just so lovely and friendly, I wish them all the best.