Scottish and Hindu fusion- Shortflatt Tower Wedding


      We got married at Shortflatt Tower just outside of Belsay. The setting is beautiful, we loved the contrast of the 13th century manor house and tower with the modern woodland suite.

      We loved that the design of the woodland suite and it’s floor to ceiling glass mean that you feel like you’re outside – even if the British drizzle keeps you inside! We loved that you can have so many of your guests to stay. It was great to be able to get together with everyone on the Friday night and settle some of the jitters with a drink or two. The rooms in the main house are so full of character, and equally the cottages are perfect for groups. Families, bridal party to all stay together and get ready together.

      Were you happy with your venue choice? Did it live up to your expectations? How?

      So happy! The team at Shortflatt and especially our wedding co-ordinator were a big part of us being so happy with our choice. It totally lived up to our expectations, it was the perfect backdrop to our day.

      Did you have a theme for your wedding? Is so what was it and were you happy with it?

      We probably had a few different themes! Our wedding was about a fusion of our backgrounds and our cultures: Scottish, Indian, English, Dutch! There was a lot of bright jazzy colour and a lot of tartan! The other theme was celebrating our amazing friends and family. We wanted the day to be just as much about them as it was about the two of us.

      Tell me about the food at your wedding? was it yummy? Why?

      We were so happy to be able to serve Indian food at our wedding . That was another massive factor in choosing Shortflatt who were so accommodating with our food requests. We loved that our food was a bit different from a lot of the weddings that we ourselves and our guests have been to before. The food was so yummy – we had lots of our favourite Indian dishes. Food is a huge part of our lives and it’s our favourite way of socialising . I was really happy with the buffet set-up and sharers on the tables, it was really informal and fun.

      We opted for a celebrant-led service and we are so glad we did! We wanted our ceremony to be personal and unique. To truly reflect us as a couple. It absolutely did that! Our ceremony was written and delivered by Sarah Clarke: she did an amazing job of encapsulating our relationship and telling our story in a really heartfelt, genuine and engaging way. The ceremony was full of big laughs, big smiles and quite a few tears too!

      What was the best part of the day?

      It’s too hard to pick one moment! The whole day was the best from start to finish! It would probably be between our ceremony and the ceilidh!

      We wanted it to be a bit fun and silly, and we really didn’t want to be on the dance floor on our own for too long!

      Therefore we picked “Accidentally in Love” because Shrek 2 used to be one of our favorite hungover Sunday afternoon films to watch, and we’ve always loved the soundtrack and dancing around the kitchen to it. We wanted something that our guests could get up and join us with
      If you were plan your wedding all other again what would you change?


      My experience attending the wedding ceremony at Shortflatt Tower was nothing short of magical.


      Set amidst the lush greenery of Northumberland. This historic estate provided the perfect backdrop for a fusion celebration that seamlessly combined Hindu and Scotish traditions.

      From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the charm and elegance of Shortflatt Tower. The towering trees, manicured gardens, and picturesque surroundings created an enchanting atmosphere that set the tone for the day’s festivities.

      The fusion of Hindu and Western ceremonies was executed with grace and sophistication. Reflecting the couple’s diverse cultural backgrounds and shared love for both traditions.


      The morning began with the vibrant colours and rich symbolism of the Hindu ceremony.

      As the scent of incense filled the air and the sounds of traditional music filled our ears, I couldn’t help but be swept away by the beauty and significance of each ritual. From the exchanging of garlands to the sacred fire ceremony, every moment was steeped in tradition and meaning. Honouring the couple’s heritage and commitment to each other.

      Following the Hindu ceremony, guests were invited to indulge in a delectable array of Indian delicacies during the lunch reception. Served with warmth and hospitality that reflected the couple’s genuine spirit of generosity and inclusivity.

      Shortflatt Tower

      Sarah Clarke


      The historic interiors of Shortflatt Tower provided a breathtaking backdrop for the exchange of vows. With candlelit aisles and delicate floral arrangements creating an ambiance of timeless romance and sophistication.

      The couple’s heartfelt vows, exchanged against the backdrop of a setting sun, brought tears to the eyes of all who witnessed their love and devotion. As the evening unfolded, guests danced beneath the stars and savored a sumptuous feast, celebrating the union of two souls with joy and jubilation.

      In every detail, from the intricate henna designs to the elegant wedding attire. It was clear that every aspect of the day had been thoughtfully planned and executed with love and care. The blending of Hindu and Western traditions created a truly unique and unforgettable experience that will be cherished by all who were fortunate enough to be a part of it.

      In conclusion, the wedding ceremony at Shortflatt Tower was a testament to the power of love to transcend cultural boundaries and unite hearts in celebration. It was an honour to witness such a beautiful and meaningful union, and I am grateful to have been a part of this joyous occasion.
      Shortflatt Tower