I had never been to Skitby and it certainly lived up to my expectations. This Skitby wedding was set in the country side with plenty of beautiful trees and fields to take pictures in. The ceremony room itself was magical.

      Beams are wrapped in foliage which created a very rustic feel. Twinkly lights are everywhere which make it very magical for this Skitby wedding.

      Russell and Rachel really are the cutest couple. Rachel Spends her days working in a toy shop, I was somewhat jealous. Rachel started her day getting ready with her bridesmaids at a nearby hotel. She certainly wasn’t going to follow all of the traditions.

      Rachel chose a short purple dress with areas of white lace. It worked perfect with her pink hair. Her bridesmaids did an excellent job styling her hair. Adding some plaits and then some summer meadow flowers. Her hair looked boho, with bright vibrant flowers. She finished the look off with her classic white Doctor Martin boots.

      It was a beautiful sunny day for this Skitby Wedding, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. After the ceremony went for a walk with the bridesmaids and they had fun playing with their long dresses, spinning around in the county fields.

      The pastel coloured worked well together, with the lilac from Rachel’s dress and the soft pale blue from the bridesmaids it all came together.

      I had fun photographing Rachel and Russell, I was inspired by a tree which seemed to have dark red leaves. The leaves were showing up as black in the pictures. With a bit of magic from my lovely assistant Greta I was able to illuminate the tree and bring out the lovely red tones.

      Soon it was time for the dancing and Russell’s band took to the stage, he seemed very happy doing what he loved on his wedding day. The guest were all up and dancing for the rest of the night.

      I managed to sneak Rachel and Russell away for 15 minutes. They were having fun on the dance floor but the sunset was epic! It was the end to a very special day at Skitby.

      Skitby- Wedding Venue