The Parlour at Blagdon has so much personality, you seriously have to visit it!


      It has these cute little outbuildings around a court year, which have a lovely vintage theme to them. It has also changed since I was last there. The Parlour at Blagdon have purchased this stunning stone building to add to he set up.
      It works fantastic as now the couple have somewhere to stay the night before, there are plenty of other bedrooms for other people to stay in too. It is decorated lovely, nice and bright and airy. Plenty of room to swing a cat. I was a very happy photographer.

      I started the day in this lovely quaint stone house with Emma and her children, he mum was also there helping out. Emma was very calm and giggling away. I was able to use the gardens to get some lovely pictures of Emma’s jewellery, flowers and dress.

      The dress was perfect for Emma and the venue, a nice little 50’s inspired dress, that showed off Emma’s ankles and very stylish shoes! It had a lovely fitted bodice and was perfect for Emma.

      I also enjoyed getting to know Emma’s children, and I helped with some child care, entertaining the kids and making sure they were comfortable around me so I could get the best pictures.
      Greta was busy photographing the groomsmen in the courtyard on a lovely sunny day, as guests started to arrive.

      They had the service inside at The Parlour at Blagdon, with bunting lined everywhere which looked great for the pictures! After the service we were able to do the group pictures in front of the stone house and I found a nice field where I knew the kids would like running around. Exactly what I needed for some family portraits. They were quick, but I managed to capture some nice images and create some memories for the family as we played some silly games.

      Later on in the day as the light turned golden we got in the car and had a little trip to Northumberlandia

      it’s about 2 minutes away. At first Emma was a little bit worried that there might be lots of people around, but at this time it was very quiet. Just the odd dog walker. We felt like we had the place to ourselves. The light was beautiful, and it felt very romantic. I was able to back off and give them some time to just be together and enjoy their surroundings. It was a lovely photoshoot, I really enjoyed it, I am so happy with the images. You can see how happy and in love they are.

      Anyway enough of the romance stuff! We then made it back to the venue and the kids were running around the dance floor. Finally the crazy frog song came on, and well, if you are 5, this is the best song ever! Luckily Emma and Kevin didn’t have the crazy frog song for their first dance!

      It was a beautiful wedding, I loved every minute of it. Congratulations Emma and Kevin!