I’m delighted that Naomi and Vince choose me to be their wedding photographer for their wedding at Walworth Castle in Darlington.
      I got to know Naomi and Vince as we took a stroll in Jesmond Dene. It’s a cold day but we managed to get some nice pictures and have a good chat.

      To marry in an actual castle is just a dream,

      Above all, I feel lucky to live in this country with such amazing old buildings full of history. Walworth Castle in Darlington certainly has the wow factor. Straight from a fairy tale. Inside it feels as if you have stepped back in time. I’m blown away with Naomi’s bedroom, with her four-poster bed and an enormous room with stunning chandeliers. I want to live there and be the lady of the castle. But I wasn’t, clearly, Naomi took on that role.

      On the morning Naomi was joined by her ‘Bridesmaids’, however, one of them, well, how can I put this. He wasn’t female. Why should one of her closet friends not be there on the morning of her wedding day. Simply because he isn’t female? I completely agree with Naomi you can have whoever you want as your ‘best people’. It wouldn’t have been the same without him, he had an infectious smile and helped keep Naomi calm by constantly telling her silly jokes and making everyone giggle.

      More over, Naomi’s dress was perfect for the venue, it’s hand made with gorgeous long sleeves and the back laced up at Walworth Castle

      Afer that, we had fun playing around with the long sleeves as I asked Naomi to wave her arms around in front of the huge window. She very much got into the role, or she might have just been humouring me, but I love the picture we captured.

      So, Naomi and Vince tied the knot in the castle grounds inside a beautiful pavilion. With epic views of Walworth Castle and the sun shining. Naomi made her entrance with her proud dad by her side. After the ceremony, we had fun doing some group pictures.

      To conclude, I had to have Walworth castle as a backdrop, it’s a no brainer, so once again I reached for my trusty ladder and managed to get up quite high.

      Furthermore, I immediately fell in love with the reception room at Walworth Castle, I believe you are standing in what once was the courtyard. But they have tastefully added a glass roof and turned the outside inside.

      Consequently, For a medieval castle, you might think that inside the rooms would be a bit small and dark, but this is not the case. The rooms large and bright, with a contemporary twist. Yet still respecting the character of the building at Walworth castle.

      On the over hand, the speeches were quite eventful, Vince has family from the Neverlands, where it is traditional to sing the bride and groom a little song. This went down a treat, its a very memorable performance. So, then to finish the speeches Naomi and Vince’s friends had surprised them by hand making a ‘confetti rocket’. We had no idea if it was going to work, or how far the confetti would spread, but I’m ready to capture the moment.

      Furthermore, as the sun began to set on this Darlington Wedding at Walworth Castle we went for a little stroll to the front of the castle to catch the sunset.


      The sky turned a beautiful vivid pink.


      My very helpful assistant there to help me with some off-camera flash. As we were walking back to the castle we passed an outbuilding used as accommodation and I had an idea for a picture, it only took a minute to set up, but I liked the orange light and the symmetry created.

      So, once back inside it’s time for the cake cutting. It’s certainly a very unique cake, in the shape of the castle, very clever. Soon everyone is dancing away and the atmosphere’s electric. Naomi and Vince took the stage for their first dance, it started slowing as they swayed back and forth. I remember thinking, this is a bit tame for Naomi and Vince.

      To conclude, I’m proved wrong as they started busting some moves with choreographed dancing. Seriously they have some moves, Naomi’s long sleeves waved around as everyone laughed and clapped along. This is one of my favourite first dances. The band did a brilliant job at getting everyone up on the dance floor for the Ceilidh. A very unforgettable wedding. Northumberland and Newcastle Wedding Photographer, Photography, Darlington Wedding.

      Cake- Daisy Rose Cake House
      Ceilidh Band

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