Weddings Northumberland. Wedding Photography at Barnard Castle

      Emma and Toby opted to have a marquee at their wedding at Barnard Castle. Wedding Northumberland.

      Toby is a farmer and they own an amazing plot of land. The views are absolutely spectacular. It was a no brainer really, of course, they had to have their rustic wedding at Barnard Castle overlooking these incredible views. Emma and Toby went for a rustic feel wedding with hay bails and even some little silly gnomes which greeted you as you arrived at the teepee. I loved it!

      Well, my day couldn’t have started any better, I knocked on the door where Emma was getting ready and I met, wait for it…. PUPPIES. All my Christmases had come at once, they are so cute and I was so excited, it was the perfect day.  Eventually, I managed to leave the puppies alone and actually take some photographs. It took some will power. The atmosphere in the house was relaxing and calm, Emma was cool as a cucumber. Emma is an outdoorsy lady and had her wellies ready. She shares my passion for animals, but she spends her time helping animals, as a vet. Whilst I just like playing with them.

      Emma’s flowers arrived and her face lit up, they are even better than she had imagined. It was the perfect day. Weddings Northumberland.

       With vivid tones of blue with red berries and even little touches of wheat, a nod to Toby’s farming background. The flowers had a wild, country feel to them and are ertainly unique.

      Emma’s dress had beautiful button details at the back and delicate lace on top. The dress had a gorgeous train and looked perfect with the veil. She added a spot of colour with bold blue shoes which matched her flowers perfectly. For her bridesmaids she went for a pale pastel blue, the dresses could be worn in many different ways.  I had fun helping her bridesmaid experimenting with different looks, we opted for a halterneck that tied at the back. They looked amazing! It was the perfect wedding day.

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      Leah Clarey Make-up & Hair Design

      Flowers- Vintage Essence
      Engagement Rings- Brown & Newirth Ltd



      Emma and Toby decided to tie the knot in a little church in the countryside. It was like something out of little house on the prairie. Weddings Northumberland

       It was such a pretty little church in the countryside with breathtaking views. It wouldn’t have looked out of place in a fairy tale. Of course, Emma had to arrive at the church in a camper van, I am sure her friends and family would not have expected anything else. Emma met a very smiley Victor, this man clearly loves his job. He didn’t stop smiling for the whole service and he was really funny. Exactly what you want when you tie the knot at Weddings Northumberland. 

      After their wedding ceremony, it was time for the group photographs. It was a glorious sunny day which is brilliant. However standing your guests in direct sunlight at midday, is not a flattering look. You get squinting eyes and pander eyes from the harsh shadows. I managed to get all of her guests to stand in the only shaded area. My ladder was ready and waiting for me to climb up it and capture this lovely picture of everyone.

      The only issue was that a cheeky horse had other ideas.

       He wasn’t sure about this ladder that had suddenly appeared in his field and decided that he must investigate. After patiently waiting it became clear that this horse wasn’t going anywhere. So I climbed the ladder as the horse stood, very close to me. I think he liked me and wanted patting. I managed to awkwardly balance on the ladder with a horse next to me staring at the guests, which they seemed to find hilarious. That wasn’t the end we saw of the horse as he photobombed pretty much all of the formal pictures. But Emma and Toby loved it, and he became a VIP guest. Weddings Northumberland.

      Back at the farm, the marquee was looking brilliant. Toby and his friends are very proud of themselves as they had made a makeshift bar, plus hung bunting! I was very impressed with the table decorations. Emma had created centrepieces with pretty plants in large plant pots.

      A genius idea as I bet the plants are now in her garden which will always remind them of their perfect wedding day. 

       She used hessian as table cloths and there are hay bails scattered outside for people to sit on. I’m sure the odd chicken ran around. It was the perfect country wedding with epic views and the sun was even shining. I loved the wedding cakes, they are beautifully presented on layered tree stumps. I believe friends and family had made cakes for them, and Emma had also made a cake. Theres cupcakes, brownies, fairy cakes, sponge cakes all beautifully presented.

      We were lucky enough to have a stunning sunset, I love taking pictures at golden hour. Emma and Toby also plan to renovate part of the old farm building, which is sadly at the minute derelict as the roof has collapsed. It will be a challenging project but I am confident that they will create a beautiful family home. In light of this information, I decided to take some pictures of Emma and Toby standing in the doorway of what will one day be their home. Weddings Northumberland.