This was my first time at the fabulous Woodhill Hall. Wow, just wow! What a venue. It really does have everything. I always do a little plan of roughly where I would like to take the couple for their couple portraits.  I was just spoiled for choice. So many places to go, it was so hard to pick where not to go. Or I would have been doing a photoshoot with Katie and Kyle all day.
      Katie and Kyle are such a fun couple, they make you instantly feel relaxed. Like you have known them for years! I knew there wedding was going to be amazing, and it was!

      Leading onto a courtyard I met Katie in the bridal suite, the room is so pretty with beautiful murals, a free standing bath and plenty of space.
      Woodhill Hall really understand weddings and what you need! A large room at the back was perfect for all the ladies to get ready, with large mirrors and plenty of light. Thank you Woodhill Hall! Katie was also very keen to tell me that they all stayed over the night before and were able to use the kitchen and have a barbecue. It sounded great! I wish I had been there. Lots of venues don’t let you stay over the night before as they will have had a wedding.

      Woodhill Hall don’t do back to back weddings, which is another reason I love this venue!

      The ceremony room is a new addition and it is stunning, it reminds of something you would find in the meditation, with the blue colours and white marble. It is decorated perfectly with large chandeliers covered in foliage and little white angel wings on the back wall.

      During the service the heavens opened and we got some summer rain, the sound of the rain was delightful and added to the atmosphere. The staff at Woodhill Hall were quick to help the guests leave with lots of umbrellas.

      The rain is not a problem at Woodhill as I was able to take the photographs inside the ceremony room for the formals.

      It is lovely bright and airy space! Soon the rain died down and we managed to capture some bridesmaids pictures and couple portraits outside. Some stunning steps lead to an amazing view. The perfect spot for photographs. Usually you have to go for a little drive to find views like this, but at Woodhill you are surrounded by stunning views.

      Katie and Kyle had their reception in the orangery, looking out onto all beautiful landscape. Katie had decorated flute glasses which she actually makes and sells, they looked amazing! Greta and I were treated to the most incredible food and looked after by the staff.

      Later in the evening we moved to the huge Teepee, I am not usually a fan of Teepees as they can make everyone look orange in the photographs and can be a pain to edit. No problem in this Teepee though, it must be because of the fabric colour, but no bright orange guests!

      Did I mention the secret room! Check out the pictures to see it.